Hot, Hot, Hot!

fiesta pair

Señoras y señores, Texas is in full-blown Summer mode.  That means we've officially hit those blistering triple digit days. What better way to cool down than to grab your blender and whip up a margarita? It's Friday, and it's almost happy hour. Don't delay!


Caroline + Ellie 

We've Got the Blues


As most of you know, we live in Dallas, where it has been raining for what feels like years. We miss the sunshine! I guess now we know what it would feel like to live in Seattle. 

So what's the best cure for our cloudy blues? Why, this adorable hedgehog in black tie of course. 

Cheers to warmer, dryer, sunnier weather on the horizon, and a very happy Friday from PWP!

Disco on a Tuesday, Anyone?

We've said this before: one of the best parts of PWP has been the emails we get in from pet owners all over the country. The stories and just can't make them up.

In honor of our shop being open again, we thought we'd share this quirky little fellow with you. There's a little bit of everything in this portrait -- a piña colada, a wizard hat, a praying mantis and a disco ball.  All goes together, right? This odd fellow hails from Brooklyn, and we have to say, he's one of our favorites yet. 

Gift Certificates

Watercolor Logo

Love the idea of our portraits, but not sure how to gift one? We totally get it.

Perhaps you'd like to give a portrait to a friend as a gift. You were thinking wine and pearls for Fido, but she had beer and Wayfarers in mind. With a gift certificate, you can leave it up to the recipient to choose how they'd like their pet to be partying!

Although they're not officially listed in our shop, just email us about gift certificates. We'll talk to you about your options! 

Happy Friday! 

Ultimate Bros

Bandanna Buddies

There's a lot of badassery going on in this portrait. The fierce looks, the black and white, the drinks of choice. Most importantly, I think the Husky proves that bandannas should totally make a comeback on the fashion scene. Cheers on this rainy day in Dallas! 

Making a Monocle Look Cool: 101

Virgil 3 Monocle.jpg

Surely none of you has ever doubted that monocles are extremely cool. Like, the epitome of awesome and hip. They're not just for old school professors and Uncle Scrooge. They're for dogs that like dirty martinis before dinner, obviously. 

Observe, and follow suit. 

Happy Thursday!

Caroline + Ellie 

The Great Outdoors

Hiking Trail

We know that all of you North-easterners are hunkered down with Netflix and other provisions because of Juno, but here in Texas, it's a mild 65 degrees! Texans don't miss an opportunity to take advantage of any mild days we have during the winter season, and this pup is no exception. He's got his bandanna, his Nalgene, and he's ready to hit the trail. Happy hiking!

My New Drinking Buddies

bota box

When we received an email about these two pets, I had to look up what a Bota Box is. I've never been a boxed wine kind of gal, but this particular type is intriguing. Based in California, this boxed wine option is earth friendly (both the actual box and manufacturing process) and stays fresh up to 45 days after opening it.

I already knew I'm a fan of IPAs. Looks like these two furry pals could be my new drinking buddies. 

Pop Some Bubbly!

Champagne Kitty

It's time to bid farewell to 2014, y'all! 

While we're excited to see what 2015 holds for us, this past year has been so wonderful. When we launched Pets Who Party 8 months ago, we never could have imagined what was in store for us. Thank you for all your hilarious pet stories, priceless photos, and overwhelming support of a fun idea we had one day. We've loved every minute!

Happy New Year!


Caroline + Ellie 



This morning I was perusing Urban Outfitters' records online, where I came across Lorde's vinyl album, which instantly got "Royals" stuck in my head, which made me think of this fancy fellow. A random train of thought, but isn't he regal? 

He's a PWP favorite, and the most kingly spaniel we've ever seen. 

Monday Meditation


Monday got you down? Still feeling that post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday stress?

Not to worry, little yogis. This pup's got you covered. Grab a green tea (or hot chocolate), close your eyes, and meditate on all those little sugar plums dancing around in your head. The year is coming to a close, but don't let the hustle and bustle keep you from remembering the true reason for the season. With Christmas just around the corner, we are extra mindful of all the love and support we've received this year. We are so grateful, and look forward to what 2015 holds!


Happy December!


Caroline + Ellie

Red, White & Blue


Just feeling a little patriotic post Election Day, so we thought we'd share some red, white and blue. This nautical pup takes us back to warm sunny days and sweet Summer nights. It's nice to daydream while temperatures slowly start to drop.

Happy Watercolor Wednesday!